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Listening to Make Me at this time...


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it is definitely flawless, and it would be even more without G-Eazy. and imagine with the right music video - even the original one, which I do think it was a bit odd - but had visual impact.

it would have been huge - at least for us. make me is iconic in many ways - IT WAS HER COMEBACK TO VMAs, ********! but, yeah, the mv left a bad taste :(

but i still dance around and scream AND shout 


and let it all out


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It's weird that I feel trepidation to post threads like these on a britney fan forum haha. 

It's like it is an unpopular opinion to like what she does on here sometimes or at least so it feels. 

Anyway, you made me log in just because I couldn't agree anymore. My family and friends must be so tired of it by now because I can't count how many times I play it every day. Obsessed with everything about it and like you say it just wont go out. 

I could write an essay on how perfect Make Me places in her discography just like I could with Gimme More. 

I just think it was the prime song for her and the sound is so much more mature but still so Britney and still sexier than anything else out there. 

From the second that intro starts... my Lord 

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The mess around the music video did leave a bad taste, true, but I still can't help but love the video itself.

It feels like it was very much her concept. 

You can imagine her saying the idea very clearly and it just feels personal to me for that reason.

It is similar to 3 but more mature and we've only had 2 of those videos so I never got the sheer hate for it and talk as if it is the worst video ever made. 

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