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What are the expectations for SP?

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On one hand it's the second single so I feel like expectations aren't as high as the lead single.

but on the other hand, this era has been plagued with mishaps and errors with the timing of promo. The only mv we've gotten so far is a mess and she hasn't had a top 10 hit single S&S in 2013, and hasn't had her own song go top ten since IWG. So expectations could be super high.

in conclusion I hope for a top ten hit that leads to a third single but my expectation is lower, I would be okay with a moderate hit with a great video to remember and rewatch. Also hoping tinashe doesn't butcher SP vibe. 

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Lol I'm not concerned about tinashe disappointing this is a big moment for her career she will slay I'm sure. Britney needs to step up her game this "I have nothing to prove" attitude has got to go. Idk who idea it was for her to not dance in the make me video(im sure her own) but a dance number by herself would have made it leaps and bounds better 

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