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What Songs Off Glory Will Never Be Performed

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She has only performed 3 songs out of the 13/14 that Britney Jean had. leaving around 10 songs, basically a whole album, in the dust(where it should be TBH)


But it scares me because what if Glory is like that. Her POM she is a "Greatest Hits" show still, she can't add all of Glory(I'd assume)


I mean so far we have MM and DYWCO. And 99.9% Slumber Party. 


What songs do you think she will add to POM before it ends?


Invitation- never, it's a intro don't, unless she had a Glory Tour after POM, which I doubt, it will never see the light of day. 


Make Me- done


Private Show - I think yes, it's not the best on Glory but obviously one of her favorites given it is the name of her new fragrance and not a fantasy spin off


Man On The Moon- No, I can't imagine her performing it for since reason. 


Just Luv Me- Yes, I think if we get single #3 it is between this and LMD so a performance will happen. 


Clumsy- cute song, but no. 


DYWCO- done

Slumber Party- done


Just Like Me- no, it wouldn't fit in POM without some major changes


Love Me Down- Could fit in POM during the MATM section but also if she goes in the Blackout type style for B10 then I could see this being one of the songs she adds to the setlist of a possible tour. Also this could be single #3.


Hard To Forget Ya- It could replace DYWCO in the neon section, if Britney gets tired of if. 


What You Need- no. 


Better- Like LMD, if there is a tour for B10, I could see her adding this to the setlist for some shows(not all)


Change Your Mind- not to POM, but if she goes to some Spanish speaking country's for a B10 tour I think they would add it


Liar- Yes, could replace Break The Ice(even though I love BTI)


If I'm Dancing- in a B10 tour


Coupure Électrique- not live, and I can't lip sync to one kpop song after listening to it almost everyday since August. So I don't know how well she can lipsync French


Mood Ring- Not in POM, she didn't even post about it being released on Japan Deluxe. 

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It's a pity, though a lot of the songs need a stripped back, live performance which britney is obviously not happy to do. I rather her not sit and lipsync the slow songs like she did Alien and Perfume. 

This album gave her such a chance to actually sing and bring something really artistic and beautiful to the stage. I know she's in amazing shape and her MM/DYWCO routines are good, but wow if she came out at the VMAs in a beautiful dress or cool jumpsuit and actually sang live it would have proved so much and done so much for her brand. It makes me kinda sad, I really really thought this would be the era for her to grow, and she hasn't looked or danced better in a longggg time, so that's awesome, but damn she's wasting a big opportunity artistically and career wise.

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