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If You were in charge of creating POM 3.0

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Here's what I would do

Act I: Dance Intro (Invitation Intro) 

1) Work ***** (same routine) 

2) Womanizer (with dance break)

3) 3 (new routine without that stupid prop) 


Act II: Throwback (Iconic Moments Interlude) 

4) Everytime (she sings it live and plays the piano like the Onyx Tour) 

5) Baby One More Time (same routine with pre recorded vocals)

6) Oops! I Did it Again (same routine with prerecorded vocals) 


Act III: Blackout (Hot as Ice/Ooh Ooh Baby Interlude) 

7) Gimme More (same routine)

8) Break the Ice (same routine/add a dance break) 

9) Piece of Me (same routine) 

10) Me Against the Music (same routine) 

11) Scream and Shout (interlude) 


Act IV: **** (DYWCO interlude) 

12) Hold it Against Me (with a dance break) 

13) Boys (whole new routine)

14) Do Something (same routine) 

15) Breathe On Me/Touch of My Hand (same routine)


Act V: Circus (Freakshow Interlude) 

16) Circus (whole new routine)

17) If U Seek Amy (whole new routine)

18) Slumber Party (with a dance break)

19) I Wanna Go (whole new routine) 


Act VI: Jungle (Better Interlude) 

20) Toxic (without the tree) 

21) Love Me Down (kick *** choreo)

22) Stronger/Crazy (medley) 


Act VII: Encore

23) I'm a Slave 4 U (original choreo)  

24) Make Me (new routine) 

25) Till the World Ends (new routine) 



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2 minutes ago, Artsy Fartsy said:

Boys  ➜ Overprotected

Everytime  ➜ Just Luv Me

Freakshow  ➜ Private Show

If U Seek Amy ➜ New If U Seek Amy Choreo

Till the World Ends  Liar

Do Somethin' ➜ Slumber Party

Piece of Me  Love Me Down


We can add JLM, but keep Everytime. Britney can be on the piano and she can sing live. :omgreallyney:

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13 minutes ago, Artsy Fartsy said:

Boys  ➜ Overprotected

Everytime  ➜ Just Luv Me

Freakshow  ➜ Private Show

If U Seek Amy ➜ New If U Seek Amy Choreo

Till the World Ends  Liar

Do Somethin' ➜ Slumber Party

Piece of Me  Love Me Down

thank god her fans arent in charge


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Intro: Video Montage (BBMA 2016, VMA 2016, iHeart 2016)

1. Work *****

2. Womanizer (new choreo except dance break)

3. Break The Ice (POM 1.0 choreo)

4. Hold It Against Me 


Video Interlude (Make Me Original Video, Slumber Party)

5. Slumber Party

6. Just Luv Me

7. If I'm Dancing

8. Everytime


Interlude: Get Naked

9. Breathe On Me

10. Touch Of My Hand (Circus choreo)

11. Make Me... (Original choreo)

12. I'm A Slave 4 U

13. Erotica


Interlude: Best Dance Breaks (or something like that)

14. Circus

15. Toxic

16. Do You Wanna Come Over?

17. Love Me Down/ Change Your Mind Mix

18. Hard To Forget Ya


Interlude: The Fame

19. Piece Of Me

20. Mona Lisa

21. Gimme More

22. I Love Rock N' Roll

23. Liar



24. Till The World Ends/ Work ***** Reprise

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interesting :bparty:

Slumber papaparty first

Womanizer second (more choreography :donewithit:)

Then Gimme more vma original choreo (0:00 - 2:38) + POM choreo (just the last part of the performance) Britney would kill it :verycool:

Then Do you wanna come over (hard hard choreo :bootyney:)

Add Glory songs: :cricket:

No seas cortes 

Love me down

If Im dancing


Just love me 

Make me : I just want you to make me move (Britney doing whatever she was doing in the original MM video :rude2me: ) then original rehearsal choreo and then in the Eazy **** part the VMA Britney floor slayage :howiroll:

Toxic : original POM rehearsal choreo, lazy ***** :beysip: I love you anyway 

IYSA ... idk :idkney: I love that song but the performance is sad maybe something more like CIRCUS era performance :saycheese:

BTI: POM 1.0, again :beysip:

BOMT and Oops : BOMT is ok :beysip: Oops (classic choreo) 

NO BOYS, NO ILRnR (she is pure slayage here but  it is not a hit) :bey:

Everytime (pre recorded vocals) :blurp:

Circus is horrible ! HORRIBLE ... so original choreo

Slave is cute... but we need more original choreo 

Breathe on me and TOMH is ok :bey: they can stay 

BYE BYE FREAK SHOW and hello HOT AS ICE, OOH OHH BABY AND GET NAKED  ... pure slayage :shameless:

BYE CRAZY AND TTWE ... HELLO Overprotected (hard choreo :hype:) and WORKBITCH to close and slay souls


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First, all songs would have prerecorded vocals 


1. Work ***** (Same routine)

2. Womanizer (Choreo from music video, keep dance break)

3. Break the Ice (POM 1 Choreo)



4. Overprotected Darkchild (Choreo from video)

5. Do You Wanna Come Over?

6. Get Naked (I Got a Plan) (Choreo from Circus Tour)

7. Make Me (Original Choreo)



8. Slave 4 U ORIGINAL MIX (Original Choreo)

9. Touch of My Hand (POM 2.0 Choreo)

10. Breathe On Me (POM 2.0 Choreo)

11. Outrageous (Onyx Hotel Choreo)

12. Just Like Me (On swing like Onyx Hotel)


New Costume Change

13. Me Against the Music

14. Toxic (ABC Special Routine)

15. Gimme More (POM Routine)

16. The Hook Up (Choreo from Onyx Hotel)


New Costume Change

17. Do Somethin (New Routine)

18. Radar (Circus Choreo)

19. Hot As Ice (Circus Choreo)

20. My Prerogative


New Costume Change

21. Baby One More Time/OIDIA Medley (Something like Onyx Hotel, but not as broadway like)

22. Stronger (POM 2.0 Choreo)

23. Crazy (POM 2.0 Choreo)

24. Til the World Ends (POM 2.0 Choreo)


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1. Work ***** (Remixed, same choreo)

2. Womanizer (some new choreo added on the chorus parts)

3. Break the ice (Pitch restored, 1st chorus choreo restored)

4. Piece Of Me (Remixed, new chorus choreography)


5. Me Against The Music (remixed, new choreo parts added like the last chorus)

6. I Love Rock N Roll (Same)

7. Gimme More (Same Choreo, New Remix) 


8. Everytime (Rockier instrumental, prerecorded vocals)

9 Baby/oops (Reworked choreo)


10. Hold It Against Me (Many lasers, original choreo)

11. Toxic (Brand New Choreo/remix)

12. Do You Wanna Come Over 

13. Make Me (Same)

14. Private Show (Crowd Participation Number)

15. Slumber Party


16. Circus (Remixed, original Choreo)

17. Love Me Down 

18. Breathe On Me (Same)

19. Just Luv Me


20. Slave 4 You (Original Choreo added)

21. Stronger/Crazy (original choreo added)

22. Till The World Ends (original choreo added)

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