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I'm Thinking For Her 20th Anniversary She Should..

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Get Max Martin, Pharrell, Bloodshy and Avant, Danja & his crew (Marcella & Keri Hilson) and JT & Timbaland in the studio and do something that she has never done before she needs to reinvent herself as a artist and performer!

Also book the Super Bowl and announce your WORLD Tour the next day after on some morning show! 

I think something along those lines would be perfect for B10 and her 20th anniversary and it would make sense for her and Max getting back together for her 20th Anniversary!

Would U be here for this?

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6 minutes ago, Hispanicney said:

I think she should release a 20 track B-Side album with songs from each album that didn't make the cut and haven't leak. Didn't Max Martin said him and Britney recorded 10 other songs that didn't make it to Baby One More Time and that Britney recorded over 30 songs for Oops?

Apparently they save those for when she died. Isn't that what they did with MJ's..


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6 minutes ago, Hispanicney said:

They did do that I remember with some of bowie's old stuff too. However Britney is young and has like 50 years left to go :orangu: She's only 9 years older than me so she might even outlive me :orangu: 

Also because there was a reason they didn't make the cut and releasing 20 tracks out of the blue will look really desperate. 

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