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Will Slumber Party be the last single from Glory?

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If Slumber Party does well then yes. 


It will either have to do top 20 on BB200(and not sink like a rock) throughout its lifespan or be a HIT on Spotify/iTunes. We also need promo but given she did promo for Glory/Make Me I am sure she is a little doubtful about what it can do to help(Even though the Make Me promo was a month late and her fans were petitioning the video, me included)


I also expect Britney to fight for a 3rd single if Slumber Party flops. Almost all her fans agree this is one of her best works and its the most hands on she has been since In The Zone so I'm sure if she wants a 3rd single she might cough up for another video with a nobody director. If we get a third single and it not Love Me Down... I don't know what I will do.  

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No, MM is the last single :shameless:


Jk :P who knows, if it has the same fate as Perfume, it probably will be the last one. I wish they released DYWCO instead if Glory was gonna have only two singles. It bugs me, because it will probably take several years before she releases B10. That's more than enough time to release several singles with months in between if they wanna wait that long. But if they didn't do it with BJ, I don't think they'll do it this time around either.

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1 hour ago, Shadow. said:

I hope not, there's so many potential singles :britstare: But her shitty label don't invest in her, (or any of their artists)

I have to respectfully disagree regarding RCA. Their current artists include Justin Timberlake, Sia, Pink and Miley Cyrus. JT has yet to have an era that wasn't massively successful, and considering he topped the charts all summer long with an underwhelming song from a children's movie, I am guessing he had a substantial radio deal. Sia also had one of the biggest #1 songs of the summer, and has generally been extremely successful for her last two albums. Further, Pink also had a big radio hit this summer; again, it was a song from a children's movie. Additionally, I cannot remember a Pink album having underperformed in a long time (if ever?)...each album seems to produce a lot of hits. Finally, Miley's "Bangerz" was released only two months prior to BJ; the former was a worldwide smash, while the latter was a big disappointment. Thus, I speculate that it's either Britney's own choices, or maybe restrictions by her team, that underlie her recent lack of big success.

However, I completely agree Glory has so much potential. :) I really hope SP is handled well and gets this era back on track; Glory deserves to be heard by the general public!

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