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Which Singles werent released on Maxi CD?

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Guest Young Törless
7 hours ago, Wouszz said:

only anticipating right?

Anticipating was released as a CD single in France.


'Perfume' and 'Make Me' are the only ones. And 'Criminal', kinda...

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Well all of them are released. Some of them WW and some only to promote album (in some countries) and some as promos for radio stations and stuff... Thats why is Radar (for example) 300$+ IYSA was only in AU and its about 30$+ There is Unusual you in AU as well Rare to find but still released to promote Circus 

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Guest Young Törless
1 hour ago, BlackoutGermany said:

Was radar released on a Maxi CD? I only see promo CD-R acetate and i have no idea what that means:quirkney:

I forgot about 'Radar'! :omg: It never got a commerical maxi CD release. :tifftear:

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20 hours ago, CriminalLegend said:

I think they released (not sure) Pretty Girls, but yes Make Me and Perfume werent released as Maxi CDs... Maybe I Wanna Go too

Pretty Girls was released as a CD single (I own it), but not as a maxi.

17 hours ago, CriminalLegend said:

they're talking about maxi cds: a physical copy of a single, very cool for a fan but nowdays no one buys them


s-l300.jpg s-l300.jpg



A maxi CD is not a CD single, though. It is a CD single with more than 2 tracks! It is like an EP, but with mostly the same track (e.g. remixes and alternate versions). :tbh:

In the pictures, Gimme More and Anticipating are maxis, while the other two are not. ;)

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