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Miss You - James Hersey = Just Luv Me - Britney Spears

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5 hours ago, lilhennythings said:

theyre not anything alike at all???????????????????????????????????????????

and this was posted like a few weeks ago and glory came out months ago so?? 

flop thread tbh 


IT'S LIKE THE SAME SONG!.............. that's weird...

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6 hours ago, -Brit Brit- said:

I love this song! 


The he only reason I know it: I wanted to play I miss you by Adele and when the dog finished this one played right after on Spotify and I've been a fan ever since.


nevwr really saw the comparison tho I don't think they're that similar :idkney:

The dog finished?

You mean dog's dead?! :(


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I can definitely hear the similarities. :gaspney: But if I wasn't looking for it, I wouldn't notice it probably, since JLM is a LOT slower. It's like Gaga said when she ripped off Express Yourself, there's only so many combinations in music, it's bound to happen that multiple artists use a similar sound in the same timeframe. Isn't that actually some kind of phenomenon? Global consciousness or something like that? :yaknow: 

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