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Her Facebook likes dropped below 40.000.000


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19 minutes ago, danny1994 said:

That looks like the trend. Snapchat is about to pass Facebook in usage among teens while usage is rising for old adults.


To put things in context, my marketing teacher asked my class to raise their hand if they use Facebook, and to raise their hand if their parents use Facebook, and more people raised their hands when asked about their parents using it. Times are changing.

Still, Facebook became a part of a lifestyle while Snapchat is just a trend/what's new, and actually, Snapchat lost many users when Instagram added stories... :verycool:

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Just now, danny1994 said:

I'm not saying FB isn't popular with teens, I'm just saying there's a trend and popularity is falling among teens.

I guess this is true but also bear in mind that FB has already so many users so it's logical to have a lower user gain percentage than other new social media sites at this time. 

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1 hour ago, Charbok said:

I guess this is true but also bear in mind that FB has already so many users so it's logical to have a lower user gain percentage than other new social media sites at this time. 

I'm not talking about total new users slowing down, I'm talking about decreased usage and less interest.


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4 minutes ago, PieceofBritney said:

I think Snapchat is stupid. And while some fb users may not use it frequently still everyone has it. Instagram>both tbh. 

I guess this is true, people come and go of  apps like instagram & snapchat, but facebook is somehow like a rule of social media. Eventually, we all come back to fb.

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Facebook users are increasing, idk what you're talking about. I'm 18 and everyone I know who's my age uses facebook, that's how i communicate with a lot of people in my classes

If you're talking about 14/15 year olds then yes a lot them use instagram/snapchat far more often, but to say facebook dying is such an unbelievable stretch because facebook is the one form of social media that is guaranteed to last for quite some time, because people from all age groups use it. 

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1 minute ago, Dynasty said:

Her ig like are below 100 000 too :gloria:

She never gets more than 100k on quotes and her memes, but when they're pics of her or her with her kids then they get a lot of likes

I still remember her flawless vma pic getting more than 400k likes, slay queen :bootyney:

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