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Britney's T H I R S T Y


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13 minutes ago, fucknfurter said:

I can't see this story-- so I take it it's him suggestively eating a candy bar/showing one off with Oops in the background? Was this after her last IG post of him? :gaspney:

It seems like it was before she posted. :ohi:It was a Zero candy bar (never heard of that brand) but Oops was playing in the background! While suggestively zooming into the candy wrapper that said king size! :OMGney: Maybe I'm interpreting it with a bias because I'm a thirsty human being tonight! :wontcry:

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57 minutes ago, BrittonJeanSpears said:

Who is this guy? He's hot as ****, though.

Ooh he makes me wet :thirsty: He's an artist that Britney randomly re-instagrammed (twice) a few weeks to a month ago. :OMGney: I'd let him destroy me tbh :lollipop:

20 minutes ago, Wombat said:

The girl is definitely thirsty af! :feelingmyself: first the striptease and now this!


God, I wish there was an award show performance now and we would get some extra hot slayedge for sure!

Not a single lie detected in your post! :werk:

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