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Britney's T H I R S T Y


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4 minutes ago, CharmingMadness said:

i swear if this guy wont pay attention to our queen :wannadie:
she's so into him, how much times shes reposted him already? :quirkney:

I think like two times before... :gimmemoar: He betta get a clue! Or else! :wannadie:
















Or, better yet, if he doesn't get a clue, maybe this is my time to swoop in on him! :queenflopga:

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15 minutes ago, BabyHotAsIce said:

Omg look at his last post on his instagram story and hear what song he's listening to :hype:

Omg!! :lustney: And when the camera zoomed into the "king-size" part of the candy wrapper, the song was just finishing the "not that innocent" part :gimmemoar: He wants Britney to know something about his D? :lollipop:

5 minutes ago, Toxic.Latin said:

she is just like us, right girl?



Omg yas :gimmemoar: We just follow our queens royal orders tbh :thirsty:

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