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Is Britney Mid Tempos Underrated?

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Everyone always talks about her club bangers but she really has some Mid Tempos that are just as great!

Even going back to The Opps album with One Kiss From You which sounds great in 2016 as it did 16 years ago!

You also have great songs like Don't Hang Up, The Answer, Ooh Ooh Baby, Why Should I Be Sad, Sugarfall, Make Me, Slumber Party, Invitation, Just Luv Me, Inside Out, He About To Lose Me, All That She Wants and so on!

Why is it that Britney Mid Tempos is so underrated?


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1 hour ago, Kamikazee said:

Justice for Inside Out. She should perform it at least once. Damn, wish it was single.

EDIT: Wait, nevermind, I just remembered she never performed Criminal :gloria:

I'm still waiting on a Toy Soldier performance and for her to bring Outrageous back from the dead! :bootyney:

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7 minutes ago, Alien. said:

I don't feel like they are underrated.

Honestly, my fav songs from Britney are mostly mid-tempos

The GP only seems to like her when she does club bangers and catchy pop tracks.

However I still think Make Me would have done a lot better with the original video and a better more relevant rapper!

I like G Eazy but she should have gotten a black rapper to really get that urban audience and the streets talking ... Hip Hop & R&B radio doesn't play G Eazy 

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