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(POLL) Most iconic Britney dance move.


Most iconic move  

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I remember when the Silly Dance was born in Mexico it was like her best dance move for us since 2004. She was happy again and that was like so amazing  and we were shocked because primeney was trying to revive and goofney appeared there but the most iconic is AWKWARDNEY DANCE 1 2 3 NOT ONLY U AND ME:embarrassney:

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1 hour ago, OneKissFromYou said:

I thought this thread was about slave, oops, matm or wb dance routines :orangu: 


But yeah, voted for Godknee Tap :ahhh:

Lol me too, I thought it was about slave :sofedup:
 I had to vote for Awkward dance, it's just sooo iconic and vivid, full of life :shadelaugh:

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