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Favorite Tour

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I think about this a lot because Britney is the only pop artist I have been to a tour each tour.

My favorite tour will always be the Dream Within a Dream Tour, it was so good :otears:

The production was so over the top, I really liked the remixes and routines.

I loved all the interludes and costumes.












I love love love Onyx, I just loved DWAD so much :yesplease:

I think when I saw Onyx I was too young to adore sexyney, I appreciate it much more now :yeahhh:


What about y'all?


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DWAD is my fave tour too! You were lucky to experience it live, i never saw it live but the DVD is amazing. I loved the theme of the tour and the costumes, performances and all those special effects (e.g. water pumping out on stage during BOMT) made the tour so special, the remixes were great too, that BOMT one >>>

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