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The joys of being an international fan

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This is interesting, yesterday i was wondering if tickets were so expensive just in Latin America.

When britney came in 2011, I don't remember very well but it was like a week of my work :(

How many days an average American has to work to buy a POM ticket ?

(or people from other countries to buy a ticket for another #1 artist)



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just dont do the meet and greets and get a decent ticket. there's a lot of other fun stuff / just feeling out the vibe in vegas etc that will be fun for you and worth the trip.

i know its expensive but i view money as fluid; sometimes i'm broke as **** and it sucks, sometimes i have lots of money (well maybe not lots but extra haha). I definitely push myself to afford trips and special things cause what's the point of life if i don't experience it once and while. You only get a few times in your life to be truly decadent! Do what's in your heart. 

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Look, I love Britney and I swear to God I mean no shade, but spending about 3-4k usd just to see her is simply not worth it. If she was touring then yes, considering you wouldnt have to spend even nearly as much if she was to tour tho. But I mean, she is lypsinching, her dancing is way better than it used to be but still not on point, and M&G's usually turn out to be awful. If it was all around 1000 usd then hell yeah why not, but anything over that is simply not worth it. Imagine what you could do with 3000 or 4000 usd, you could afford plenty of useful stuff to last you for a while.


Of course its just my piece of advice, you're your own person so its your choice :) in case you do decide to go I wish you good luck and lots of fun!

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I'm in Ireland and I reckon I wouldn't get much change out of €10,000 to go to Vegas, which to a student is an awful lot of money. Flights alone would cost well over €1000, then there's the cost of the show tickets, meals, accommodation, maybe renting a car, phone roaming/data (not even sure if it would be possible to use an Irish phone in the US or if I would need a US SIM) and spending money (no more than $10,000 otherwise it has to be declared) and then possible customs duty on anything I would bring back. Then there's the hassle of getting a visa and the ESTA permit and all that stuff. It's simply not practical and I would be out of college for over a week. I wish she would do a world tour again. 

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I feel you, sis :hugs:

I've been trying to save money and watch Britney at Vegas since she announced the residency, but considering Brazil's economy and the fact that to see her I'd have to save at least U$5k, it's impossible. :decisions:

I'm just glad that she brought FFTour down here and I was able to see her. That's it.  :mariahstare:

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