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This Week WW Sales!


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Gaga is doing vic secret fashion show + superbowl. i cant get over how huge huge huge both those appearances are so i am not surprised.

GLORY is such a good album though, so whatever. i would rather have glory slay my life, than have BJ be put out and have britney perform "it should be easy" w will i am at the vic secret fashion show lol. i was real disappointed w joanne, and her strumming a guitar in a cowboy hat at the superbowl wont change that. 

she has so many old songs that are perfect for vic secret fashion show - i dont know how she will work in joanne promo for that slot tbh. 

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56 minutes ago, Doug said:

People are buying Joanne out of curiosity since it's being promoted as a type of "comeback" for Gaga and because her promotion has been on point lately, but I don't see the album staying for too long since it's just not good and nobody but her fans cares about it's music in real life. She will still top Glory because of the Super Bowl but whatever, Britney's album is 1000x better so I'm not even mad, I couldn't ask for a greater album. Just waiting for Slumber Party to give it it's deserved recognition since they failed Make Me with that lame video.




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