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The Intimate Britney Spears promo- tour appreciation

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Just happened to click onto several of the interviews during the promotion- tour of The Intimate Britney Spears collection on youtube, and got reminded of how SWEET and humble she was and not to mention how beautiful she looked. This was kinda where she started to become comfortable again during interviews I think, and not only is she fun and filled with energy she also speaks about her collection with alot of passion. 

It's also so sweet that she really went to a lot of places to make promotion for it, I'm still a bit sad that I didn't know in advance that she was coming to Norway because when I found out she was I wasn't able to go. Really cool that she did that, and also that her team gets her out there again on a lot of promo that we have seen even during this Glory - era now. Loves it! 



Anyone here who was lucky enough to meet her or see her during this promo- tour?! 

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