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Britney Spears carpool made me hella mad

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6 hours ago, tarotx said:

It doesn't beyond the songs lyrics. She didn't write the song so any hidden meaning isn't hers. 

Britney would have done better on CK if she was singing other people's songs. I wish they would have chosen some of her favorite songs. It would have gone over better IMO. 

That's my point, the lyrics are telling a story. Who said it has to be a "deep meaning"?

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8 hours ago, BritRiRiBey said:

I've  never been disappointed in her until she didn't know the words too womanizer...that made me realize she never rehearsed singing it completely live. Do she even listen to her own music? do she vibe to her own music.... idk maybe the reason she lips cause she cant remember the words...



bonus is when she don't know what her own songs MEANT...singing its for years and still don't know lol


I love Britney cause she gives no ***** what so ever lls 





I hope you guys dont this im bashing or hating on britney....I'm just making my observation and opinion and this is a britney spears forum. 

Ok baby, it's completly normal to forget your own lyrics.... she was nervous.

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The Womanizer thing was James' fault. But the Oops meaning part was actually sad and enfuriating. Like, unless this was the case:


She really made a fool of herself. Like, she blanked for a moment and literally said I DON'T KNOW. GIRL! WHAT? WHAT ARE YOU SAYING? It's your ******* song and it's soooooo easy to say it's about love or that it's about playing with a guy's heart... I honestly don't know what the **** happened there. The Carpool Karaoke as a whole was a mess, I'm thankful we got something like that but it could've been a million -billion- times better. It ended up being a really awkward, lame product. :britstare11:

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1 minute ago, joey4228 said:

I dont watch many pom videos. Ive been to the circus and ff tour so i know she did the song on those tours. The reason i was wondering about pom is because if she does them on pom, itsnot likely she forgot the words. I'm just not interested in POM so i dont know a lot about it.

So when you think of POM, do you imagine her 2013/14 self? :idkney: Because she's improved so-o much since then! Seriously, her show is worth checking out, she's really delivering :rihclap:

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