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Who is "The Britney Spears of your country"?

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4 minutes ago, Da Bubblah said:

I'm from Argentina and when it comes to diva status (because there isn't any relevant pop singer in this country, and no I'm not gonna mention the mess of Lali Esposito) I would say Susana Gimenez (tv host)




and Madonna would be Mirtha Legrand




this is tv royalty right there :NYsassy:



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Actually thats difficult, I dont think there is anyone in pop music with that caliber. There's are some artists who are similar but they are more like Selena Gomez than Britney. Like her below.

Pop music is a little different here in Finland... there's more rock music made than pop in general or it is really different from britney's style.



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There is none in the Netherlands. Monique Smith tried to be one, but she failed. First she tried to be te sweet girl, and then more '****'.

She used to say this music video of her could be a Britney video:







They used this picture also for her album by the way:




Here she tried to look like 2004ney:



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