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(DigitalArt take2) Britney Spears "Just Luv Me"

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8 minutes ago, OutrageousSin said:

Love it!!! You're very talented tbh 

the only thing I'd change is the ***** are too high kinda pointed! Other than that it's flawless! 

Thank you! 
I was trying to achive the "pushup bra" effect :yaknow:, high and pumped so it would looks more **** than natural :thirsty:.
But I will try better next time. Thanks for advice ;):bigkiss:

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24 minutes ago, Daxx said:

I really like it! Your art is very good! 

Thank you ;)

19 minutes ago, zone said:

Hope Britney hires you and fire her flop team

Thank you, I would love to work for her :awyeah:

14 minutes ago, zone said:


Yay, my artwork is on fb :unreal:

10 minutes ago, CriminalLegend said:

I love everything about it! congrats! 

I'm glad you like it :bigkiss:

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15 hours ago, mikeybreeze said:

Wow this amazing! Great job!

Thank you ! ;)

15 hours ago, Curiousexhaler86 said:

Off-topic but I can't stop seeing Lindsay Lohan when I look at Britney in that picture tbh :quirkney:



:gloria: yeah, she kinda look like her. Maybe both had same doctor for "fun stuff" :uknowit:

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9 hours ago, glitterfalls said:


Thank you :bigkiss: 

9 hours ago, Erreur 2 La Nature said:

I find her **** a little bit "fake" but other than that it's really beautiful once again and really fits the vibe of the song !

Yeah, I had problem doing them (you can see in video that it took me long time to do them). I will try my best next time! Thank you :bigkiss: 

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