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Here's What Britney Needs To Do With "Mood Ring"


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First of all, I stopped being over-dramatic about good songs on her albums with high potentials to be hits being wasted and ignored by her and her team; however, I do think that she should film a MV for Mood Ring where there is only her doing a solo dance routine with some sports outfit on sweaty and ****. The MV should be focused only on her dancing skills and she needs to push her limits (seriously, no more shitty POM choreos). It could also be a freestyle with no certain choreo because she does amazing when she feels free (remember the Megan Trainor IG video). It could be just EPIC and all of us ******* would stop bitching about her dancing lately. 

well I tried to find an example on YT but I could find only this one nearest to my idea: 

Mood Ring deserves better attention by the team and it could bring Britney back to where she belongs.

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57 minutes ago, OutrageousMoi said:

It was produced by him. I'm not quite sure, but yeah, I think so. :rude2me:

You're making no sense, the song was produced by him, but it was officialy released by her, is not like Moby would go release ''Early Mornin'' or T-Pain ''Hot As Ice'' cause they worked on it, that's not how things work, they produced, but they don't own it at that respect, only Britney can release it

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Just now, ukfan said:

I think what they mean is that if it was included on dj mustards supposed album ( although I have never heard of a producer releasing albums)  if it makes his tracklist there essentially is more chance of it being a single.  

The fans need to make it clear. We love mood ring.  

It should never have been a bonus track.  Should of been included on the standard version 

That's not what they meant, read it, they think just because Dj Mustard produced, he can release it on his album, and that's not how things work, the song belongs to Britney, even when he produced, the same way someone does something and you buy it, it belongs to you, not who did it

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