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Slumber Party is Glory's Toxic


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If she makes the tv rounds performing it (AMAS, Ellen, Dancing with the Stars, Jimmy Kimmel) and the stations she's performing jingle ball fests for support it. SP can very much do for this era what Toxic did for In the Zone and what Till the world ends did for FF. I'm speaking it into existence. Slumber Party will slay radio and Glory will rise. 

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1 minute ago, Dinirocal said:

This has the potential to do better than "Make me", it wouldn't be the first in her career a second single outperforms the lead one, BUT lets just hope they execute it properly (great music video, good promo, radio campaign, etc) otherwise its potential will be wasted. 

most likely it will be wasted. I lost my faith on her team, besides britney

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Make Me would've been the next Toxic IF the video was released. Nobody can deny the controversy would have helped A TON. Britney said that her kids didn't watch the VMA performance, she could have kept them from watching her glitter covered ******* bounce in that cage. I will never understand


Slumber Party could be, but its the 2nd single from her already released album so it wont have as much hype. IF GLORY was still unreleased(Like most albums are by the 2nd single) then it would be hyped by, "Whats Britney Spears' "Slumber Party" about?"


Then IF the Make Me video fiasco didn't happen, nobody would be expecting a disney version of Eyes Wide Shut as the video, and we would expect an orgy with snakes and dudes in demon masks all over Britney.


This era would have been amazing if executed properly, I hope Slumber Party can save us. 

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