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Azealia Banks posts about Britney

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She just posted this on fb :sizeup:


Britney Spears' "hit me baby one more time" and "oops I did it again" belong to their own genre of Britney Spears. I could totally be on some nineties baby haven't done their research **** but those two songs made the white girl pop star fantasy so real to me at 8-9years old. 

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved and still love Mariah but Mariah was always ethnic to me, and listening to her never felt like "guilty pleasure" it just felt like music and repertoire and something/someone that needed to be studied... for art and times' sake 

But I think Britney was the first white girl in my time that opened my little black girl eyes up to white girl fantasy.

Britney took and still takes risks that chicks are afraid to take. 

The statement is strong but it is deep and is right, and (at the very least) worth your consideration


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What she says is irrelevant at this point. She will say something uncalled for and outrageous and then a month later apologize and 5 minutes after apology she will say something worse.. I like her music but I can't handle her outrageous rants. Even compliments are of no value. :brityeah:

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Drinking my coffee, and as soon as i saw this headline thread...I immediately thought she was dragging brit, my worst fear. I was so ready to attack, glad its nothing negative towards britney, how can anyone hate her anyways, shes so humble and down to earth.

Enjoy the acknowledgment and praise.

Queen :mhmsureny:

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