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Never seen this Zoe Saldana interview before about Britney


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Beautiful Zoe :) I was bored the other day and watched a 20 mins behind the scenes of Crossroads that I'd never seen before (because I'm cool lol) and you could see the 3 girls were having so much fun and everyone seemed to love working with Brit. There was a really cute part with Kim Cattrall was saying she wanted to stay longer on the set and Brit was like 'Awww I wanna come visit you guys on your set' (as in *** And The City) and Kim was like 'Really?!' I guess sort of like, wow this big star who's so busy wants to come visit our set, and Britney says 'I would LOVE that' with such a goofy genuine grin, omg too cute :quirkney: she's such a gem. 

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