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"Britney Should Hire This Guy"


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So, I showed my boyfriend this video of The Fitness Marshall dancing to Meghan Trainor's "Me Too", and he said a few minutes in, "Do you wanna hear something funny and sad? They dance better than Britney right now."  :ohnoney:

I won't lie, I died laughing after the shock (more like snorted, laughed, and then shouted, 'oh my god, you didn't!")  But he said, "Britney should hire this guy to choreograph her numbers. It's fun." 

I have to admit that I can't take my eyes off him or his backup dancers. 

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"If a dance number makes you want to hear the song, I think it's a sign of good dancing."  More insight from my beau :shameless:

Edit: He continues to say, "Britney started off as Pepsi, and now she's RC Cola. Sure there are people who enjoy RC Cola, but it's not Pepsi." --- about her dancing. 

Me: "Personally, I prefer Coke." 

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