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Best Of Circus Era


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On 10/30/2016 at 3:03 AM, ILIA said:

Circus era slayed and snatched all your fave pop girls wigs! well.. and it's my fave era so here we go :TOMH:

1. Womanizer 

I remember when the video came out and i was literally screaming!!!

And this comeback performance: 

And then this awesome performance happened and  i couldn't stop watching 


2. Circus

Still my fave Britney video :nyheadache:

Circus choreo still blows my mind (2:55 mark)


3. If You Seek Amy scandal *******   M E


4. Radar

I seriously love this song and Circus tour performance but i kinda expected video to be Toxic 2 tbh


5. The Circus Starring Britney Spears

My fave Britney tour which i didn't get to see live :( 


First rehearsal pics :hype:


First look!!! ( I remember dying from excitement)

Everything about this tour was just so ICONIC!

Anddd sadly we never got the dvd :( 

We cant go without these tho lol 


I obviously didnt forget about For The Record. Im just not posting links because you can all just go ahead and buy it :cooltshirt:


and final!! 

Surprise #1 single and the music video 3 

Am i missing something? 

I remember back then i was really enjoying that era, i attended the Circus tour and it was so good Britney was on fire

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