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Joyride - Fingers crossed Brit related


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So, if you've been stanning Tinashe for as long as i have, you'd know about the infamouus track. Tinashe wrote a song with Travis Scott that was meant to be on her upcoming LP, the song would later on, with help from RCA executives as she puts it, be sent off to Rihanna during the recording of Anti. So this was a move done behind her back with the help of Travis and RCA, in true Britney/Larry scrapping fashion.

The thing is... She leaked the song and to stick it up Rihanna's butt and RCA, and Travis Scott, and so on, so on. But if the track will actually end up on her LP which carries the name of the song, it will be probably be featured along with another artist since it was leaked and already heard.

What if Britney gets in on it? I was talking to a friend about it and i think Brit would give a 'leathery, moody' tone. And sense they're already collaborating, it's a possibility.

Take a listen and discuss.

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1 hour ago, CrAzAY said:

Are we sure it wasn't written for Rihanna? It sounds like a Rihanna track 

It was written by Tinashe and Travis, but i guess Travis thought it was more coherent to Rihanna, yet she felt atached to it and leaked to 'lock it in'... I guess

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