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Scary Britney's Thriller


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Ah ah ah a-a-ah a-a-ah...

Baby I don't know how, I'm gonna survive

This fatal attraction, is going to eat my alive

I'm not supposed to want ya, but I do like I die

It's turned me into a monster, like I'm Jekyll & Hyde (Jekyll & Hyde)....

I just wish this song and My Only Wish (This Year) would of had music videos they would be so much more Iconic . :crying1:



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8 minutes ago, Erreur 2 La Nature said:

Not exhalers calling Scary basic ?

The song is amazing, Britney has writing credits it's a pure pop song it'd have done good. 

I don't care if Britney wrote it... it's so basic tbh and very OLD!
I think that ***** can do WAAAAAAAAY better (see Glory or timeless songs like Everytime or Someday, which is underrated)

4 minutes ago, Lonely-*** said:

I love it!

But I think I have a low quality version of it because it sounds like old dirty dog **** (the beats are just not loud enough).

No... that's the song tbh :overitkbye:

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2 hours ago, PieceofBritney said:

I fell in love with someone around the time Scary came out. It always reminds me of him now. lol I didn't sleep for days waiting for his call and stuff lol First love and lust mixed together. 

you're a cutie, what a loser for making you wait days for a call.

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