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So, as we all are worried about that low budget thing in Slumber Party video, let's unite ourselves to console each other posting awesome music videos with low budget.

So, here I go: one of my favorite videos of all time is this one and I know for a fact that it had a very small budget (or none at all?), and it's beautiful and meaninful 

What about you guys?

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17 minutes ago, neonxangel said:

its not the budget thats the issue (with me)

its the vision and the director.

she could have like a big budget (which lets face it, larry and her dad would keep like 80% and then the rest of the 20% would be used on the video) yet the video still come out like ****.


Yup it's not the budget, it's the Director!

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1 hour ago, TheLightningThief said:

It could go either way tbh. Sweet Dreams was low-budget and it was awesome. Randee's MM was low-budget and it was the worst video ever.


I don't think that Sweet Dream video is great, i like the beginning, but i was looking for a story and she only came up with this robot stuff, i was confused tbh :idkney: I liked the If I Were A Boy video tho

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