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What It's Like To Be Me

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Before I go on my mini rant, I just want to say that this song is flawless! :omgreallyney:



Okay, I don't necessarily want Brit and JT get back together relationship wise, but I was going through the amazing album that is Britney and I forgot how much this song is fire. :myjam: If the two would collab in the studio not only would it sell, but DAMN the music will be so good! Justin sings backup on this song and their voices really go well together. :tiffanynod: I don't know what type of song they would do, but I bet it would be amazing. :mcry: He's also a really good songwriter and producer too. :mhm: Sure he's been kind of an a**hole in the past, but I wish they could put that aside and make quality music! :awyeah: I know we've been blessed with Glory, but oh I can still dream :britoverit: Besides, they said they would be down with it. Not to mention if there was a video, that would be amazing too :lmao: 

Just reiterating that I only want them in the studio, not in the sack. Please don't drag me!! :surething:


WHAT IT'S LIKE TO BE ME IS FIRE!!!!! :letitburn:

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I can't stand her but I think they'll make nothing but great music together ICONIC music!

Just the fact that it's Britney AND JT on a track together is making it debut Top 3 just because!

They could get either Pharrell, Max or Danja and Timbaland to produce with Britney and JT on the writing credits .. I want Britney to contribute to the making of the song too ... So it can be them REALLY working together in the same studio ... artists rarely do that like they did in the 90s and early 00s

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Hmmmmm :quirkney: If the song was good and well-produced, I wouldn't mind a collaboration in that sense. But I guess I differ from some B-Army members when I think Justin should just stay a thing in the past! :tiffanynod: Both relationship wise and music wise. Like if she collabed with him as a gimmick of sorts to play on their past relationship, I wouldn't get much out of it like others because to me that was sooooo long ago and already a done deal. But if their collaboration production wise worked and was beneficial for Britney, then I could see it happening!

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