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Oops! Britney Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction During Piece Of Me This Weekend

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Make em' clap when we perform.

Britney proved why she's a performance veteran during her most recent Piece Of Me show this past Saturday.

During "I Love Rock 'n' Roll," Brit's top came undone, and though her dancers quickly came to the rescue to try and fix the broken clasp, nothing worked.

No problem.

Another dancer lent their flannel plaid button-up to ensure the Queen didn't flash the eager crowd and carried on.

The "Slumber Party" singer made a couple of funny faces to the audience, but powered through like a champ.


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2 hours ago, Curiousexhaler86 said:



This fan looks really familiar she must've done a M&G before??  Anyone recognise her??



I laughed so hard at the wardrobe malfunction! Britney REALLY couldn't do that shirt up either which made the whole thing even funnier. She almost panics when the choreo has to change. You can see her face saying "OMG I should have my head between that dancer's legs right now!" :hype: Things going wrong/off script are now pretty much the only fun things I have from POM. 

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I know there's no harm done but the costume malfunctions should not be happening. Between the designer and the wardrobe team, these things should be created and tested to specifically avoid stuff like this. 

I know accidents happen but Brit's had more costume malfunctions in Vegas than in every tour since Onyx combined. The costumes don't look great and aren't functional as stage outfits :quirkney:

In all seriousness she shouldn't have to worry about a *** popping out whenever she's ******* an electric guitar is all.

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