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We ain't gonna sleep toni-i-ight

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Just now, TheGloryBritney said:

I hope she will not tweet any pic from the set 

Same tbh! I do not need original make me video behind the scenes teas tbh :NYsassy: Just simple confirmation of the second single and video release date is what I hope for soon. A radio deal, a coo and faded performance in POM until her festivals in December where she'll hopefully perform is ideally what I hope for in the long run! Plus other fun little promo strategies!

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2 hours ago, Stifler's Mom said:

I don't think Bradley would post cuz Jordan said so... He's more reliable than Jordan by far :shameless:

he is, indeed :shameless:

Slumber Party video COMING TO SLAY LIVES! :feelingmyself:

2 hours ago, SlayOut said:

True! But I mean, I feel like Jordan has tea this time but can't spill it all rn :shameless: Is this what delusion feels like? :embarrassney: 

Yes, it is :shameless:

he doesn't have any tea. :shameless:

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