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Slumber Party Robbery Concept


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So i came up this MV concept that is based on a break-in. Britney breaks into this huge mansion alongside a man wearing a scary clown mask, she open front door of the property by taking a key hidding beneath a mat. They go in. Britney walks upstairs to the upper part of the mansion and goes into the master bedroom and makes friends with a Pinscher dog named Iggs, she jumps in the king sized bed, finds the main closet which is the size of another room, she turns on the lights, the chorus starts and she grabs a bunch of designer gowns and throws them at her clown partner to stack in Louis Vuitton suit cases, in the middle of the closet there's a glass table displaying jewelry. She wipes the table of the precious belongings and pushes them down in her hand bag. Britney goes downstairs, now wearing a diamond necklace, holding Iggs and her handbag full of jewelry, a group of people wearing ski masks are taking out all of the furniture, behind her is the man wearing the scary clown mask carrying two designer suit cases. Britney takes out a can of spray paint from her hand bag and writes down in red letters 'Suck my toe!' in a painting placed in the living room, goes into the kitchen and opens the fridge, thows everything on the floor, grabs burger meat and moztard and to make them stick to the ceiling.

Britney goes into the laundry room and boxes and bags of washing soap go into the washing maching, creating a foam mess.

The video ends as the mansion is now empty in every way, leaving Britney, the clown masked men, and Iggs. As they are leaving the mansion, the scary clown man takes off its mask to reveal it has been Joanne The Scammer the whole time...

And to tell Britney, 'You can't take the dog...'

Britney answers, in a Bling Ring fashion: 'But it likes me' 

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Oh my god @ suck my toe and throwing food on the ceiling and Iggs the dog :orangu: The idea of breaking into a mansion to have a **** slumber party and wearing the jewelry and stuff would actually be kinda hot though. Like Britney and her man could break into some old peoples mansion and tie them up and throw their ***** in a spare room and just hang out and enjoy the mansion all night. But Britney might not like that after it was done filming and it would end up getting scrapped or edited to oblivion and make no sense :orangu:

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