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Glory: The Most Overrated Song vs The Most Underrated Song


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8 hours ago, marryme said:

Overrated: Just Luv Me

Underrated: Liar :( Why everyone seem to hate Liar so much :( 

IA. Even tho lot of people like Liar, lot of people dislike it too. I don't get why :rude2me:

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12 hours ago, Blackout_Boy said:

For me the most overrated song off Glory must be Just Luv Me. I think is a good song but it's really boring and everyone praises it.

And the most underrated song is What You Need.

I agree with both choices. I also think Invitation and Clumsy are very underrated.

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Overrated: Slumber Party, it's a great song and one of my faves from Glory but i thought it would have worked better as the 3rd single rather than the 2nd single and everyone kept overpraising it on here and saying it should be the 2nd single from Glory which was a bit offputting but i still love the song.

Underrated: Clumsy - this song is so fun to me and i don't really know why so many hate it so much? 

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