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Glory: The Most Overrated Song vs The Most Underrated Song


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For me the most overrated song off Glory must be Just Luv Me. I think is a good song but it's really boring and everyone praises it.

And the most underrated song is What You Need. It's amazingly good and I don't get the hate or why people say is the worst song on the album when she delivers vocals like never before and its like a retro song which can perfectly fit into a movie soundtrack and is a Grammy deserve. And I really enjoy it

What are your choices? :angietea:

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Just now, Kuzco said:

Slumber Party and Liar -- Overrated 

If I'm Dancing and DYWCO -- Underrated 


Just now, BSthendal said:

Overrated - Slumber Party / Just Love Me

Underrated - DYWCO / MOTM / If I'm Dancing

Tbh If I'm dancing is not underrated at all :rude2me:

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