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Missing The Old "Bad *****" Britney Attitude On Stage

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Just now, Fab britney said:

I honestly don't care for the goofy faces she always does these days, it was cute back then cause it would be random out of character moments. But now it's constant. I want her to act more bad ***** fierce again

I saw the video you made about your Meet & Greet Experience, so cool btw! :rihclap:

And yeah, I agree. And she always does goofy faces in innapropriate moments. It feels like it's an automatic thing. 

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1 minute ago, ebritneybeat said:

I am missing so much the old Britney as a performer and a perfectionist in general :kidcries: She slayed and broke down the stage and made it look effortless.Like ok ***** I'll destroy it easily and then bye.:crying1:

Let's tap our knees to overcome our nostalgia :awww::juggingu:


Yeah, and I'm not even talking about the routines. I mean, I think she can dance good now if she wants to.

The thing is that I don't feel like she's "feeling the song" as she used to. 

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