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Officially tired of Britney's residency, here's why:

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Officially tired of Britney's residency, here's why:


- Glory: a solid well-produced & one of her most critically acclaimed albums. Zero promotion. ZERO. She promoted her Vegas show instead.


- Make Me music video mess...let's not even talk about that.


- Britney Jean


- Pretty Girls


- Releasing an album the same week as Barbra Streisand and FGL.


- Her team (Larry included) & them being stuck in 2003.



Glory deserved better plus it proves that Britney wants to change and experiment more. Britney deserves better. Why treating her like a retired hasbeen popstar? WHY?


It's a bit frustrating, tbh.


If Britney really wants this there's nothing anyone can do but her residency needs to END.


Where's the creativity? She's Britney freaking Spears!



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Just now, andreabeez1 said:


I'm worried tbh

I thought they would shape up for this era because it's important to become popular right now for her brand. To tour and such after Vegas...


If Vegas was truly ending next year they have to start hyping ppl for a tour in 2018/2019. That's so far away wow....

Which they keep making her a legacy artist which makes really think Vegas will go on until 2020 :embarrassney:


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1 minute ago, I'mSoCurious said:

Get ready for tonight then :letitburn:

I'm worried, tbh. :selenerz:


3 minutes ago, alexdaily said:

POM is giving them tons of money so I can understand (from a business point of view) why it's their main focus :sickofu:

Sadly I wish she got back to promoting her music and touring but who knows what's going to happen...

This. :britstare11:

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what kills me is her team and the suits in charge are getting payed HUGE and aren't even doing a decent job. it is so so easy to promote 'greatest hits' all the time and not take a risk by heavily promoting new material. and they shouldve ******* realized that this is NOT britney jean - this is a very very good album - the critical acclaim was there - and they promote her brand while relying on nostalgia.

it is indeed frustrating. she could still do vegas, but you're right - the promo should be relying on glory. her show WILL sell without promo for a few months. glory wont. as we can see. 

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i think britney is honestly happy in vegas, so i'm here for it if it's a good fit for her. but i agree, when she does promo, she should be promoting what she's releasing, NOT the show. and she should be allowed to perform outside of vegas, which i will give credit, she was able to do for glory. but i agree about her team being stuck in 2003. they need to realize britney needs to MATURE.


case in point is clumsy on glory. if you ask me, it's the most immature song on the album. a lot of the songs are about ***, but there's just a more mature tone to the rest of them. but clumsy is generic and childish i think. and there was a rumor that larry was the one who insisted that it be on the album. which if that's true, is the exact reason of why her team needs to grow up.

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35 minutes ago, Spearsfan said:

I mean all that can't be put on Vegas, it's on Britney and her team for how things are run.


They need to promote the things that are getting released and not POM. 


sadly, we know that it's not going to happen... :britstare11:

apart from music videos and until the end of POM Las Vegas, it will be all some-kind of related to her residency. :(

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20 minutes ago, Erreur 2 La Nature said:

Are you serious ?

  • Carpool Karaoke
  • Ellen show
  • iHeart Festival
  • Apple Music Festival
  • Apple Music Commercial with Kevin Bacon
  • VMA
  • Jimmy Kimmel
  • Jonathan Ross show
  • Loose Women
  • Radio interviews
  • Tv interviews for several countries
  • The Private Show commercial + perfume

And we know other things are comming soon:

  • Jingle Ball
  • Rock In Rio
  • Triple Ho Show
  • B96 Jingle Bash


If you wanna be delusion... lol...

Glory is the second most promoted album of 2016.

It's been established that interviews don't do **** for albums, so you can omit them. Along with Loose Women, cause the show is... for loose women. A perfume commercial counting as album promo? I've seen it all... :britdrown:

You know exactly what she did at iHeart and Apple Music. It wasn't promo for Glory, so let's not play dumb. She might have gotten a lot of exposure this time around but there's no focus on Glory at all. It might seem like a lot of promo but it was not to promote Glory in the slightest. There's quantity but no quality in the promo she's doing. It's not strategic at all.

Make Me might be one of the most performed/promoted songs of the year (VMA, Carpool, Jonathan Ross ect) but Glory isn't the most promoted album. Not at all. It's being paid dust. They wanna promote both POM and Glory at the same time but it just doesn't work like that. :brityawning:

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50 minutes ago, andreabeez1 said:

W.H.E.R.E.?! :gloria:

Besides Make Me performances + "It's a cool album, go buy it" Glory is still waiting to be promoted. :moorangu:

Well exactly. That's not an album promotion. All she did was basically promoting herself as a "persona" and occasionally mentioned some little, unnoticeable info about Glory. Usially not even by herself but by the host of the show.:NYcackle:

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