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If You Had To Get Rid Of An Album...

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I cant play this game. Each album has some of my favorite songs on it. How the hell can I get rid of an album that had BOMT, Stronger, Overprotected, Toxic, GM, IUSA or TTWE. Not gonna happen. Honestly I could only go for BJ....


But if you ask me what my least favorite album is besides that unfinished record that is BJ. I'm gonna have to say either ITZ  or FF. Which I still both adore<3

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I can't at people saying FF. It's about the album, people, not the era. :lessons:

FF is flawless and you'll deal! It's definitely up there with Glory and BO (sorry ITZ for being out of my top 3, you're my number 4, Glory pushed you out of the holy trinity for me :tifftear:)

Oh Gosh, this thread seriously.... :ehum: It's so harddd, why you had to exclude British Jew from the list... 

Well, um, OK :OMGney: I love all of her albums, damn. OK OK, 

I go with Britney, cuz I listen to it the least :embarrassney: Don't kill me, I had to choose. Sorry "Britney", I still love you with all of my heart, but I had to choose :idkney:

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