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Saw this today on Reddit

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5 minutes ago, HangingOnToThePast said:

 he said she smiled AS IF TO SAY " yeah she's like that "

oops that's right.

that's even more weird though, like it's normal not to react to people who pass close to me, especially if I'm looking at my ride approaching. that doesn't make me mentally incompetent. but I live in a big city so I guess I'm more used to people bumping into me etc..


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I could see it happening in 2011 or something. She's kinda awkward sometimes though like yeah that would be an awkward way to react but it doesn't mean she's insane or anything. It seems really insignificant to make this up since it's not really a huge deal but then again some people really will make up the smallest things so you just never know unless you saw it with your own two eyes :orly:

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