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I feel like MOTM should be the 2nd single


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My MOTM video idea:

Brit's in a hotel room and she just woke up in the middle of the the night looking fresh but kinda sad getting ready to go to a club then britney looks glamorous with shiny make up and glitter on her face in a club where everyone's having fun dancing and she's in the bathroom looking in the mirror with tears dripping down her face but she makes herself smile and be optimistic then she looks at people in the club and no one looks like the one she fell in love with who seems to have no interest in her she then leaves the club and has a glitter party (similar to kesha's take it off) on her own but she's still sad and at the end of the video she looks at the moon closes her eyes and smiles and she's actually in the hotel bed as if this was all a dream...  what do you think?

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