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Britney better dance in her second single and it better not be edited af


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8 minutes ago, david lachapelle said:

i agree.

she knows what she has to do tonight, do tonight. :brityes:

That **** should've never been lead :NYsassy:

7 minutes ago, Million Billion said:

She better dance.

It better not be edited AF

... and the 2nd single must be "BETTER" you see the logic? :bigkiss:

Valid points :quirkney:

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3 minutes ago, Candy Lotion said:

Except that's dubbed. This is the original video:


Doesn't matter both slower than the mid tempos u listed :quirkney:

7 minutes ago, naturalplayboy said:

She needs to do a video damn baby by Janet style to better.

Better deserves a video :verycool:

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