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I hate when people call her deep voice her 'real voice'

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Guest StrawberryKisses
37 minutes ago, kasavas said:

That's like saying Everytime and My Baby are the same song. They're both ballads, both sang by Britney. There's no difference. :idkney:

That's like saying I started this 'thats like saying' craze


41 minutes ago, WholeHawaii said:

That's like saying the gif in my profile photo is from Sometimes videoclip. :gimmemoar:


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It's her natural tone, Jive made her sing more nasally cause they thought it was more commercial, they autotuned the hell out of her voice in Femme Fatale because her voice was too deep and they wanted something girlier, check when she sings live, her voice is mostly deeper and sometimes she has difficulty in staying with the baby voice, her performances of Everytime mostly have deeper vocals than the album version and that makes it even easier to notice if she's actually singing, she slayed Don't Let Me The Last To Know on the FF tour with deeper vocals, she sang acapella with her deeper vocals on the X Factor yet people deny that's her natural tone, Max Martin himself confirmed they got her to sing more nasally.


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8 hours ago, MissSpearsSaysSo said:

That's like saying that you're Britney, I'm Britney, we're all the same Britney. Many physical forms all sharing one continuous Britney consciousness. It's true, I've finally cracked the code to immortality! :orangu: :letitburn: :cutebrit: 

She's been cloned, she's been cloned, she's been cloned.... 


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