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Choose 4/5 Singles For Glory?

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Say if you was Britney what would Glory singles be?

 I would still definitely keep Make Me as the lead single but with the original video!

 I would release Slumber Party and Private Show as dual singles 

For PS video I would start it off with Invitation playing in the background and the video should be just her putting on a PS for one guy something like the commercial...... Slumber Party should be something along the lines of IUSA video 

Change Your Mind for 4th single would be great and would do great internationally!

Love Me Down as 5th or rerelease a EP with 5/8 new songs 

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4 minutes ago, Erreur 2 La Nature said:

What I really want :

2. Love me down

3. Liar

4. Dywco

5. Invitation 


What could be the best for her :

2. Slumber Party

3. Love me down

4. Just luv me

5. Liar

Just Luv Me isn't a good choice simply because Make Me which is the better song barely took off and I doubt JLM would do any better tbh 

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Make Me original video 

Love me Down this song is so good and the choroe could be so good and also the MV:bootyney:

Just Luv Me (Really cute video with a story ,  where she dies at the end cuz she sees her men with another women and jumps off a clift ):sobbing:

Slumber party (my prerogative style video ):werk:

Better ,but i don't think theire's any good video or theme with this cuz it's really generic.:OMGney:

Liar , cuz some people seem to like it .:umwtf:

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