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what is the truth?

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3 hours ago, Mayenaise said:

What do the girls actually ask her and when was this :dead:

I would prefer this honesty over her ******* lies tbh  

I agree. I totally understand with the faster songs with the dancing she'd have a hard time keeping her breath but like Everytime for example she could 100% do live and I don't understand why she doesn't. I don't think she realizes how much the world would appreciate just her and a piano. And Britney I love you so much but don't lie through your teeth. We know, it's okay. She has so much talent I know she loves to dance and she really is an amazing dancer but she has so many other talents that she seems to shy away from sometimes which drives me crazy. I know homegirl be playing piano at home 

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I don't know why yall have to make some big in depth analysis about why she doesn't sing live any more (okay she lipped in the past too, but not as much). Maybe it's just b/c she doesn't give a ****, ever thought about that? Britney's stated numerous time she's a perfectionist and if it doesn't sound exactly like the album she probably doesn't want to do it live. I imagine her voice is good live, but probably not like the album version.

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