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The things you DON'T want to see in the second single music video...

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1. Directed by Randee St Nicholas. She is a good photographer at times and the PS commercial is heaven. But that's where her talent is. Not everyone can be a MV director. Jake Nava, Ray Kai, J.Akerlund, Ben Mor, Francis Lawrence... So many good ones to choose from.

2. Lack of dancing. This is Britney Spears we are talking about. She is an amazing dancer. The world needs to see that in her videos.

3. Dialogs. They are not needed to make a story. Expressions are enough.

4. Extra voices. All those screams in the MM video made it unbearable to watch.

5. Body editing. She looks hotter than ever.

6. Intense filters. My eyes were trying to spot Britney throughout the whole MM corridor scenes. We want to see her, not a blinding light or her shadow through a red filter.

7. Rapid editing. HIAM could be her best video without it.

8. Obvious product placement. Yes, sponsors pay for the videos but they can be advertised in a less obvious and annoying way.

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6 minutes ago, SometimesLover said:

Also, I don't want to see tied hair in the whole video (in certain parts, okay).


Well honey in your profile pic Brit has tied hair lol :giggleney:

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