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Brit on U.K. Charity specials this Nov, part of concert will be used for charity

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A trip to London used to be an excuse for Britney Spears to go partying.  :donewithit: rude

But on her latest visit, the pop diva has been doing nothing but charitable works – and she will even be the surprise guest on the BBC’s Children In Need. 

Britney, 34, flew into the UK last month to perform at the Apple Music Festival, but she used her sold-out show as cover to film several sequences for Children In Need, which will be broadcast on November 18. 

She will also appear on Channel 4’s Stand Up To Cancer charity event on Friday. 

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3 minutes ago, Natasha Romanoff said:

I love how she does all her charity work in private, you can tell it's really from her heart. A lot of celebs use charity as a publicity stunt to give them a good image to the general public.


ETA: The link goes to another article :selenerz:

Like Beyonce Knowles and Taylor Swift

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