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Britney's Best & Most Iconic Music Video Choreography

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Most iconic choreo? Probably Oops, just about every mid-to-late '80s to early '90s kid knows at least the "I played with your heart" move. :yeahhh:Second most iconic in the GP is Slave, I think. Even at award shows you can hear how crazy the crowd goes when she does the "like that" breakdown. 

Best choreo? Either Slave, MATM, Boys (Remix) and Overprotected (original AND remix). Slave is super fluid and ****, while MATM is extremely technical, precise and complex. On the Boys remix and both versions of Overprotected, the breakdown is simply amazing. 

(I know you weren't taking a poll; I'm just kind of thinking outloud). :)

Anyway, thank you for posting all of those! I think we sometimes forget just how iconic the woman we stan for is, and these types of threads are perfect reminders. :bow:

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