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What you think it's gonna be the director of the 2nd MV of Glory?

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In case Glory gets another Single, what do you think it's gonna be the Director of the next Music Video? 

Since the Meltdown of Make Me, and Glory dead on the charts:

-RCA is gonna invest serious money for the single???? 


- Daddy Spears will open the Bank Account and put at least 1 million of Britney's own money for book a amazing Director this time like I don't know: Francis Lawrence? Jonas Akerlund or Melina? 


-Larry will play safe (cheap) again and he will hire Randee St Nicholas??

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Realistically no one wants to work with her after she keeps scrapping their work...

If they are gonna give us a high budget iconic video... the Francis Lawrence (in my ******* dreams).

If they are gonna be cheap, then we need a CHIC and SULTRY low budget video... Emil Nava (Kill Em With Kindness, This Is What You Came For)

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