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Do people actually believe the BJ writing credits?

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Unfortunately some fans do. I used to be one of them, until I came to the realization that BJ is an absolute disgrace. 

EDIT: I do believe that she wrote some of them! We have proof she wrote Alien, Brightest Morning Star, and Hold On Tight. But come on people, do you really believe she wrote on songs like Work ***** and Body Ache??? :moorangu: I LOVE WB to pieces, but considering how stiff and awkward she is performing it 95% of the time, it's obvious she hates it lol. 

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2 hours ago, Britilicious said:

Yeah it's so obvious just a PR thing. 

I mean even if she did write on it, there's no way she was the LEAD writer on every track like the credits try to make it look like. Hopefully the actually writers still got compensated accordingly, and the credits are just to make Britney look good. 

I agree

Pretty much the same lyrics as the album versions (except for a few words), yet she's listed as the lead writer.

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