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Using your 18 most played Britney songs...

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    ...What songs would feature on that album? I chose 18 since Glory has 17 tracks on the deluxe version, but 18 if you count Mood Ring :queenflopga: I know this thread has probably been made a trillion times, but oh well :queenflopga: Here's my album (#1 being the most listened to Britney song):

    1. Gimme More
    2. Perfume
    3. Touch of My Hand
    4. Make Me... (feat. G-Eazy)
    5. Piece of Me
    6. Everytime
    7. Radar
    8. Break the Ice
    9. Brightest Morning Star
    10. 3
    11. Someday (I Will Understand)
    12. Passenger
    13. Toxic
    14. Work *****
    15. Outrageous
    16. Freakshow
    17. Breathe on Me
    18. Heaven on Earth

    Share & discuss. :queenflopga: 

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    1. My Prerogative

    2. Overprotected

    3. Breathe On Me 

    4. Boys (Co-Ed Remix)

    5. Slumber Party

    6. Me Against the Music

    7. I'm a Slave 4 U

    8. I Love Rock N' Roll

    9. Make Me

    10. The Hook Up

    11. (You Drive Me) Crazy (The Stop Remix)

    12. Man On the Moon

    13. Love Me Down

    14. Private Show

    15. (I Got That) Boom Boom

    16. Invitation

    17. Outrageous

    18. Do You Wanna Come Over?


    (this is based off my iTunes library since January, my old computer which i had for 5 years died and i had thousands of plays for so many songs the highest amount of plays i have for a song on this library is 64 :sobbing:)

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    The most played songs off my Mac (Mid 2016):

    1. Coupure Électrique (71)

    2. Change Your Mind (54)

    3. Gasoline/ Invitation (36)

    4. Love Me Down/ Mood Ring (35)

    5. Freakshow/ Make Me/ Just Like Me (30)

    6. Slumber Party (29)

    7. Just Luv Me (26)

    8. Liar/ Tom's Diner (23)

    9. Break The Ice/ Showdown/ If I'm Dancing/ Toxic/ Touch Of My Hand (20)

    10. And Then We Kiss (19)

    11. Mannequin/ Do You Wanna Come Over? (18)

    12. Selfish/ Private Show/ Clumsy/ Breathe On Me/ Hard To Forget Ya (17)

    13. Phonography/ What You Need/ Better (16)

    14. Seal It With A Kiss (15)

    15. GM/ PL/ Circus/ KTL/ SG/ UY/ HIAM/ IO/ Criminal/ MOTM/ DS/ DHU (14)

    16. Get Naked/ Hold On Tight (13)

    17. Toy Soldier/ Womanizer (12)

    18. Hooked On/ Don't Keep Me Waiting/ I Wanna Go/ Early Mornin' (11)

    BOMT: 0  OIDIA: 0  BRITNEY: 0   ITZ: 6    GH:MP: 1.  B IN THE MIX: 1  BLACKOUT: 6.  CIRCUS: 7.   FF: 8.   BJ: 1.  GLORY: 18



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    1. If U Seek Amy
    2. If U Seek Amy [E.J. Remix] ('I Kissed a Girl' Mashup)
    3. If U See Amy 
    4. If U Seek Amy [Nick* Remix]
    5. If U Seek Amy [Nick*Alternate Remix]
    6. If U Seek Amy [Bimbo Jones Radio Remix]
    7. If U See Amy [Crookers Remix]
    8. If U Seek Amy [U-Tern Remix]
    9. If U Seek Amy [James Rendon Remix]
    10. If U Seek Amy [Gthardstyle Remix]
    11. If U Seek Amy [Ober Remix]
    12. If U Seek Amy [Tony Arzadon Remix]
    13. If U Seek Amy [Mike Rizzo Funk Generation Club Mix]
    14. If U Seek Amy [Weird Tapes Club Mix]
    15. If U See Amy [US Radio Edit]
    16. If U Seek Amy [BBC Radio 1 Edit]
    17. If U Seek Amy [Acappella]
    18. If U Seek Amy [Instrumental]


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    Right Now:

    1.Break The Ice

    2.Touch Of My Hand

    3.Hot As Ice



    6.Man On The Moon

    7.Slumber Party



    10.If U Seek Amy

    11.From The Bottom Of My Broker Heart


    13.What It´s Like To Be Me


    15.Just Like Me

    16.Private Show

    17.Breathe On Me

    18.Make Me

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    1. Make Me

    2. Slumber Party

    3. Breathe On Me

    4. Slave 4 U

    5. If I'm Dancing

    6. Lace And Leather

    7. If U Seek Amy

    8. Love Me Down

    9. Gimme More

    10. Man On The Moon

    11. Just Luv Me

    12. Everytime

    13. Toxic

    14. Liar

    15. Coupure Electrique

    16. Shadow

    17. Pretty Girls

    18. My Only Wish (This Year) 


    I had to re-do my itunes like November of last year so I lost all my counts so most of my most played for Britney now is Glory and that's why PG has so many plays too......IUSA had like over 500 plays for me at one point. 

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    1.) Alien

    2.) Seal It With a Kiss

    3.) Up N Down

    4.) Trouble For Me

    5.) Selfish

    6.) Body Ache

    7.) Breathe On Me

    8.) Stronger

    9.) Til It's Gone

    10.) Passenger

    11.) Cinderella

    12.) Burning Up (Madonna cover)

    13.) Criminal

    14.) Love Me Down

    15.) Break the Ice

    16.) Shattered Glass

    17.) I Wanna Go

    18.) Bombastic Love



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    1. Work ***** 
    2. Pretty Girls:gimmemoar:
    3. Scream & Shout 
    4. Tom's Diner
    5. Womanizer
    6. Do You Wanna Come Over?
    7. I'm A Slave 4 U
    8. Perfume
    9. Hold It Against Me
    10. Alien
    11. Freakshow
    12. Piece of Me
    13. Gimme More
    14. Make Me...
    15. ...Baby One More Time
    16. Toxic
    17. Clumsy
    18. I Wanna Go

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    1 hour ago, BoomxBig said:

    #1 being the most played 

    1. TTWE
    2. HIAM
    3. Work *****
    4. IWG
    5. Gimme More
    6. Selfish
    7. Get Back
    8. BTI
    9. Circus
    10. Hot as Ice
    11. (Drop Dead) Beautiful
    12. How I Roll
    13. SIWAK
    14.  Radar
    15. Til It's Gone
    16. IUSA
    17. Inside Out
    18. 3

    8 of them are from FF :rihclap:

    Flawless taste sis :rihclap:

    6 of mine were. If my playcounts were consistently updated since 2011 I'm sure that number would be much higher lol. 

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    Going by my last.fm, which I've had since late 2011:

    • 'Make Me'
    • 'Private Show'
    • 'Clumsy'
    • 'DYWCO?'
    • 'Better'
    • 'Liar'
    • 'Man On The Moon'
    • 'Rock Star'
    • 'What You Need'
    • 'Just Luv Me'
    • 'Love Me Down'
    • 'Hard To Forget Ya'
    • 'Invitation'
    • 'Work *****'
    • 'Slumber Party'
    • 'If I'm Dancing'
    • 'Change Your Mind'
    • 'Just Like Me'

    So mine is basically Glory + two old songs. :quirkney:

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    1. toms diner
    2. make me
    3. clumsy
    4. slumber party
    5. love me down
    6. better
    7. do you wanna come over?
    8. change your mind
    9. coupure electrique
    10. invitation
    11. man on the moon
    12. what you need
    13. just like me
    14. just luv me
    15. hard to forget ya
    16. private show
    17. liar
    18. if im dancing

    that was brutal hahahahahaha 

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    Make Me



    Breathe On Me

    Boom Boom

    Mood Ring

    Change Your Mind

    Slumber Party


    The Hook Up

    Break the Ice





    Early Mornin'


    ...Baby One More Time (Onyx Hotel)


    This is from my most played playlist so idk if its extremely accurate, that being said I've been using Spotify more (mostly for Glory :orangu:)

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    1. Pretty Girls :orangu2: 
    2. Make Me... (Single version)
    3. Work *****
    4. Private Show
    5. Toxic
    6. Do You Wanna Come Over?
    7. Make Me... (Album version)
    8. Clumsy
    9. Gimme More
    10. Alien
    11. Circus
    12. Breathe On Me
    13. Body Ache
    14. The Hook Up
    15. Freakshow
    16. Boys (The Co-Ed Remix)
    17. ...Baby One More Time
    18. Tik Tik Boom

    This album would be pretty damn messy... from Pretty Girls to Clumsy to Body Ache to Tik Tik Boom :embarrassney:

    There should be some Britney album songs too (like Slave...) but I had to delete and add it again to itunes some time ago so the plays reseted :idkney:

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